Steffi Lemke awards Blue Angel to SYKELL’s reusable packaging system

▪ “Blue Angel” ecolabel for REWE’s reusable packaging system partner SYKELL
▪ REWE is the first provider to implement an open, deposit-based and easy-to-use system that is suitable for various return infrastructures and complies with Germany’s mandatory reusable packaging regulations
▪ SYKELL’s reusable packaging system is as simple and user-friendly as Germany’s well-established bottle deposit system

Berlin, 27.06.2023 – The Federal Environment Minister Steffi Lemke has today awarded the German government’s “Blue Angel” ecolabel to SYKELL’s sustainable and fully integrated reusable packaging system in Berlin. SYKELL developed its “Einfach Mehrweg” (“Simply Reusable”) system in partnership with REWE from day one, making sure the system fulfils all statutory requirements and satisfies all current and future use cases in food retailing.


SYKELL’s reusable packaging system represents a sustainable alternative to single-use containers for food retailers and restaurants, who previously had to dispose of single-use packaging as plastic waste after use. For consumers, SYKELL’s system is designed to be as easy and user-friendly as Germany’s tried and tested bottle deposit system, simply with an innovative range of containers. Returning used containers and cups is as easy as returning deposit bottles via the existing nationwide network of modern deposit or reverse vending machines (RVMs). The award ceremony was hosted by REWE, which as a SYKELL system partner and investor in Sykell offers the loan and return service through its 3,800 REWE stores. In addition to REWE, Lekkerland’s partners and concessionary companies already use the “Einfach Mehrweg” system.

SYKELL’s comprehensive and fully integrated reusable packaging solution addresses the problems created by the numerous island solutions that have been launched since the introduction of Germany’s mandatory reusable packaging regulations in January. The full-service system is geared towards food retailers, system catering companies and service stations.

Davide Mazzanti, CEO and Co-Founder of Sykell:

“Our internal research has shown that consumers will only embrace reusable packaging systems if they are quick, convenient and easy to use. When we were developing the SYKELL reusable packaging system, we therefore took our cue from the bottle deposit system that consumers have already been using for so many years. SYKELL’s reusable containers can simply be returned like deposit bottles to one of the modern vending machines operated by one of our system partners. SYKELL’s returnable containers are manufactured in Germany to guarantee the highest product quality on a permanent basis. We are delighted that our high standards have been rewarded with the Blue Angel today.”

Peter Maly, on the member of the REWE Group’s Management Board and responsible for REWE stores:

“With the certification of the “Einfach Mehrweg” system from Sykell today, REWE is once again setting new standards. This is because our open, deposit-based, user-friendly system, which is suitable for a wide range of return infrastructures, is the best solution to fulfil the regulations set out in Section 33 of the German Packaging Act. It is simple for our customers, it is workable for our markets, and it is efficient for our business and logistics partners. “Einfach Mehrweg” has the potential to define a new industry standard. We recognize the importance of this approach as it enhances the effectiveness of our sustainability commitment through a multiplier effect. Which is good for REWE, good for the environment, and good for reusable packaging in the future.”

The “Einfach Mehrweg” system combines a range of unique features in a single solution: It is the only system in Germany that enables nationwide return via the extensive network of reverse vending machines or at the checkout in REWE supermarkets. The “Einfach Mehrweg” containers are coded to allow deposits to be processed and the containers are cleaned by an industrial rinsing system, which ensures the highest level of hygiene and consumer protection.

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With its “Einfach Mehrweg” solution, Berlin-based SYKELL is expanding the simple, tried-and-trusted bottle and can return system to include innovative reusable packaging solutions across the entire food and beverage sector.

Sykell’s “Einfach Mehrweg” system is designed to be as simple and convenient as possible and does not require users to register, set up a customer account, download an app or provide any personal data. As with deposit bottles, the return of containers and cups is uncomplicated and works nationwide via the existing nationwide network of reverse vending machines (RVMs).

Sykell has a nationwide network of system partners, including chain food retailers, petrol stations and restaurants. Sykell was founded in Berlin in 2021. -

About REWE:

With a turnover of EUR 28.4 billion (2022), more than 160,000 employees and 3,800 stores across Germany, REWE Markt GmbH is one of the leading companies in the German food retail sector. REWE stores are operated as branches or by independent REWE merchants. The cooperative REWE Group is a leading trade and tourism group in Germany and Europe. In 2022, the company generated total external revenue of EUR 84.8 billion. Founded in 1927, REWE Group is present in 21 European countries with more than 384,000 employees.

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