Innovative logistics solutions for reusable systems

Maximizing efficiency, minimizing waste: Interzero's cutting-edge logistics solutions ensures that the Einfach Mehrweg containers are delivered across the country and washed in optimal condition. All with minimal impact on the environment.


A country-wide logistic fleet to reach any location in the most efficient and sustainable way


Hygienic and sustainable: state-of-the-art washing system to keep the packaging clean and safe

Commissioning and clearing

All steps of the process are tracked to deliver the most precise view of the reusable pool

The backbone of reusables

Interzero understands the complexity of reusable systems and offer an efficient solution for every challenge

Efficient and sustainable logitics

Interzero's logistics offer a range of benefits, including supply chain efficiency and cost savings through intelligent route planning. Furthermore, delivery and pick-up logistics are offered in practical reusable Interzero Transport Boxes © to consistently avoid disposable packaging. These versatile, reusable & collapsible boxes eliminate waste.

HACCP washing concept
  • Interzero HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) washing concept for reusable packaging, ensures that the Einfach Mehrweg products are not only delivered in optimal condition but also meet the highest standards of food safety and hygiene.

  • Interzero's state-of-the-art washing system is designed to identify potential hazards and prevent contamination, ensuring that the Einfach Mehrweg products remain safe and high-quality throughout the supply chain.

Right Strategies and Implementations
  • Integrated commissioning and clearing operations provide several benefits for businesses dealing with reusable packaging, including increased transparency in operations and more efficient pool management.

  • By streamlining these critical tasks under a single logistics partner, businesses can enjoy greater visibility and control over their packaging, resulting in reduced downtime, faster turnaround times, and more accurate deposit clearing.

Hygienic and Safe

Committed to top quality and results

  • In the world of reusable packaging, hygiene and safety are paramount to the quality and safety of transported products, especially for perishable goods like food.

  • offers cutting-edge washing and sanitation solutions to ensure optimal condition and safety of your products, reducing waste and cost in the process.


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