The reusable system for food retail and service

We ensure the efficient fulfillment of the reusable obligation according to §33 Packaging regulation with our innovative reusable containers in an open pool system.


A complete service for our reusable containers

Automated returns

We use existing deposit machines to automate returns, simplifies store processes and increases acceptance among the company's own employees.

Inventory Management & Clearing

Sykell offers a centralized Reusables-as-a-Service platform for transparent inventory management and handling of all clearing and deposit processes.

Washing & Drying

Our reusable containers are cleaned in our partners' rinsing centers in compliance with all required norms and standards (HACCP / DIN 10510).

Logistics & Commissioning

Together with our logistics partners, we control the entire delivery and return logistics nationwide, permanently optimizing relevant interfaces for ideal process flows.

Control & inspection measures

In addition to continuous control measures in regular operation, we are already working with industry leaders to set standards in the inspection and hygiene of plastic containers.

Further development

We offer a wide reusable container portfolio and are already working with system partners on further innovative packaging, transport and process solutions.


The reusable containers for our service


We use existing deposit machines (RVMs) to automate returns. We leverage the existing network of deposit machines to increase the customer acceptance.


The rectangular and cylindrical containers can be matched and nested with a nesting rate of up to 84%, depending on the container type.


Our containers are all "Made in Germany". This means that we not only avoid long transport routes, but can also react quickly to the needs of our system partners and replenish our pool stock accordingly.


All components in our reusable containers are made of polypropylene (PP), a recyclable monocomposite, thus creating the perfect conditions for recyclability at the end of the product life cycle.


We provide an accessible system without forced app download or comparable hurdles, ensuring reliable conformity to the §33 Packaging regulation for our system partners.


All containers naturally meet the specifications for contact with food (Food Safety / BPA-free). Provided declarations of conformity are checked again by our laboratory partners (accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018) for contents and additives.


At its core, the labeling and serialization of all containers is based on GS1 standards, which were additionally sensibly adapted and expanded to future scenarios in close dialog with deposit machine manufacturers.

Product safety & customer trust

In the case of pre-filling, our optional safety and hygiene seal (patent pending) can be used to show the integrity and originality of the product. This creates confidence among consumers.



Simply reusable

With Einfach Mehrweg (Simply Reusable), we provide consumers with a reusable system across retailers and industries that is simple to use and easy to return. The aim is to achieve the best possible acceptance and high and fast return rates.

Less single-use plastic for our planet

On average, we generate 120 kg of waste per person each year from disposable packaging alone. A single Sykell reusable package can replace hundreds of such single-use packages, reducing each person's environmental footprint in the long term.

To keep track of our impact, each Sykell container is serialized, enabling us to monitor its washing settings, return rate, and cycle duration in one simple dashboard.

Skyell vs. single-use plastic:

- 120kg of waste

One reusable container replaces hundreds of single use packaging, reducing your carbon footprint a hundred by one.

Skyell vs. single-use plastic:


CO2 emissions


"We believe that negative impacts on the environment and climate can already be massively reduced today, with solutions that can be implemented in the short and medium term instead the distant future. Our goal is simple: let's extend the benefits of a sustainable deposit system for beverages to other product and food categories. That's why we founded Sykell and developed a practical and scalable alternative to single-use plastic."

— Davide Mazzanti, CEO & Co-Founder

Our mission

Stop single-use packaging

We want to put an end to producing 350 Mt of single-use plastic every year. Because we can't keep adding to landfills and risking endangering nature and wildlife with plastic that can last up to 400 years.

Skyell containers can be reused time and time again, preventing millions of tons of plastic packaging from being produced and introduced to the environment

Frequently asked questions

The most important answers

Do customers need to use an app?

No, neither the installation of an app nor the creation of an account is necessary. For consumers, the use is as simple as the existing deposit system.

Is additional investment necessary for deposit machines?

No, the reusable system works with conventional deposit machines. If you decide to become a system partner, already installed deposit machines simply have to be activated to accept the new containers.

How does the deposit amount work?

The deposit amount is paid at the time of purchase and refunded as soon as the reusable container is returned at a deposit machine or manually at a system partner. There are no additional (or late) fees for the return.

Where can the reusable containers be returned?

Every participating system partner also takes back every reusable container.

Do I have to clean the reusable containers myself?

No, Sykell offers a full-service model that includes cleaning the containers according to the strictest hygiene standards. Together with our partners, we take care of the entire logistics chain.

What is the cost of using and participating in the pool system?

The core model is based on pay-per-use, i.e. system partners only pay for reusable containers actually used and put into circulation. Washing and logistics are already included, simple and transparent. Feel free to contact us at any time for more information and a quote for your specific needs and requirements.

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