Circular ERP for Reusable Assets

Sykell is the pioneering Circular ERP solution designed to efficiently manage your inventory of reusable assets. Streamline your operations with automated processes, allowing you to concentrate on business growth and seamlessly transition towards a sustainable, circular future.


Circular Economy Focus

Our Circular ERP solution is designed to empower businesses with sustainable practices. Through seamless integration of resource management, real-time analytics, and transparent supply chains, our solution enables companies to minimize waste, optimize resource utilization, and make eco-conscious decisions.

With our Circular ERP, you will not only enhance your profitability but also play a pivotal role in creating a greener and more sustainable future.

Scale your Operations

The Circular ERP solution offers the scalability necessary to seamlessly expand your circular business operations, ensuring sustainable practices remain at its core, even as you grow.

Seamless Integration Across the Board

Sykell unifies all facets of your business operations into one cohesive platform, optimizing processes and efficiency throughout the entire asset lifecycle.

Instant Data-Driven Insights

Sykell empowers you with real-time, data-driven insights into resource usage and performance within the circular economy, enabling informed decision-making for your sustainability strategies.

Transparent Supply Chain Management

With the Circular ERP solution, you can easily trace the origins and life cycles of materials and products, fostering trust among stakeholders and championing sustainable practices.

Deposit Management

Sykell is engineered to provide unparalleled transparency in handling intricate deposit setups across various partners and clients. Track all deposit operations down to the individual asset or by volume.

Security and Data Protection

The Circular ERP solution prioritize the highest standards of security and data protection. Sensitive sustainability data and business information are safeguarded through state-of-the-art encryption and compliance measures, providing users with peace of mind.


Unlock Greater Growth Potential

With our extensive experience in circularity across diverse networks, we offer invaluable insights to supercharge your operations. Discover how we can drive your business to new heights.

System Reporting

Gain insights into crucial KPIs like return rate, cycle time, and asset rotation level for a comprehensive view of your operations.

Data-Driven Decisions

Leverage your system's data and insights to make informed business decisions, identifying opportunities and discerning patterns in your model.

Partner APIs

Seamlessly connect with your partners for streamlined order processing, delivery notes, invoices, and moreā€”all seamlessly integrated into your operations.

Limitless Scalability

As a cloud-based solution, the Circular ERP is tailored to scale with pools of any size, supporting clients managing millions of assets with ease.

Total Control

Customize automation and adjustments to your preference. Maintain full control over your data and operations.


Share data with colleagues and export various elements for in-depth analysis. Sykell offers swift export options to Excel or PDF for your convenience.


No more emails and spreadsheets. Forge seamless connections with partners and clients through API integration, nurturing innovation and sustainability throughout your business ecosystem.

All-In-One Solution for Clients

From orders to invoices, Sykell employs standard data transfer infrastructure like EDI to facilitate seamless communication with your clients. Automate entire departments, allowing them to concentrate on core priorities.

Comprehensive Business Overview

Keep your partners updated on orders, delivery notes, and pickups automatically. Replace email correspondence with integrated APIs to save time and prevent human errors.

Precise Operational Control

Obtain detailed data on asset and secondary packaging clearances, and monitor deliveries and pickups. Your operations are entirely within your control.

Circular made easy

It's the right time to become circular.
We are here to advise and support you with the planning and implementation.